What is SEO ? / Search engine optimization

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” that has gained a high degree of popularity among both professional website designers and private people who run their own landing page in their spare time. The abbreviation stands for Search Engine Optimization. Founders of a young and dynamic start-up company, webmasters of various websites, SEO experts who work in an advertising agency, or self-taught SEO professionals can use the complete book to repeat, look up or broaden their knowledge.

Interested webmasters, who are responsible for the creation, organization,  and maintenance of a website, get an overview of the basics of search engine optimization. Web optimization specialists who follow the counsel beneath can likewise help web search tools better slither, file, and comprehend site content. The individuals who set up these guidelines as a regular occurrence can anticipate a fortunate top situation on their site.

Furthermore, website operators who follow the instructions will increase their chances of making it into the top 3 search result pages
on Google. The SEO-Markt GmbH has helped its customers to succeed with the tips and tricks in this manual. Also, the company’s consistently positive ratings provide evidence of the startup’s excellent performance. With its expertise, the company has helped its customers to position among the top 3. Therefore, this book shares with its readers the secrets and practices used by the SEOMarkt GmbH agency for successful search engine optimization. Thus, these instructions are professional tips that have proven themselves in practice several times. Also, beginners who have just started to create, organize and manage their website, as well as professionals who have been creating an online presence for a long time, can use this book as a guide. Search engine optimization usually involves minor changes to certain parts of a website.

These are only minimal improvements, but they have a big impact on Google search. However, this only applies if webmasters combine SEO with other optimizations in a meaningful way. In this way, they improve the user experience and performance of the respective homepage in the organic search results many times over. The optimization of websites is arranged to the necessities of the clients. Although it may seem a bit strange at first glance, the search engine is also one of the users. In turn, it helps other users to discover the website content provided.

At the beginning of their SEO optimization, webmasters ask themselves whether their page can be found at all in the Google index. To check this, they perform a search with the URL of the home page of their home page. In the event of a successful search result, the website will appear in the index. However, the case of an untraceable page can also occur, even if Google crawls several billion pages. The reasons for an untraceable site are various. This can be partly due to a lack of links to other homepages. If the publication date was not long ago, Google didn’t get the chance to crawl the site. Inability to discover a page can likewise be because of a convoluted design or substance that is difficult to access. Google will also not display pages if it receives error messages when crawling. Policies can also block homepage crawling using Google.

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